Day 309 of figuring things out

Date today

July 19

56 days to go. 

Highlight(s) of the day

Walked around the main touristy area of Vigan for the first half of the day and tried the area’s famous longganisa and some of their rice coffee. That was interesting. 

Later visited weavers and pot makers, and also the empanada makers.

All that was really cool. :) 

Lesson of the day

Services are undervalued in this country. 

We have people giving their time, knowledge, and expertise at a rate much lower than they really deserve. 

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Our hotel

It actually looks as good as the photos, and the staff here are helpful too. 

If you ever want to go to Vigan, book at Hotel Veneto de Vigan

2. Our tricycle driver

Not only did he bring us to the tourist-y spots, but he also brought us to the more local spots that only the locals frequent. I didn’t get his surname, but he went by the name James. 

3. Good food

The food in Vigan lives up to its reputation. This trip was worthwhile in so many ways. :)

Whatever else I have to say

Cafe Leona was a cozy little place that had a vast array of dishes to choose from. I can’t find a direct link to them for you to click on, but if you ever wander into Vigan, check them out too. 


Day 308 of figuring things out

Date today

July 18.

57 days to go.

Highlight(s) of the day

Aaah today was a mess of excitement and incessant clock watching. Waiting for the bus that will whisk The Boyfriend and me to Vigan.

Lesson of the day

Even if something is “directly translated”, something is lost in translation. Some things just sound so much better or worse or more appropriate in one language than another.

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Someone to go on adventures with me

The Boyfriend is one of the easiest to convince to come with me to try something out, be it food or an activity. 

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who’d pounce on new things, but I was always shier than I’d like to admit. Having someone else with me takes away the timidity.

2. Learning how to pack

I’ve learned how to pack things into spaces that were intended for smaller items, and I’ve learned to pack in a reduced amount of time. 

Being on all the trips earlier this year has burned the travel essentials list on my brain, and knowing what to toss in and what not to toss in is more automatic now.

3. Healthy alternatives

I became pretty fat in high school, and part of my reduction plan was to stop ingesting junk food and soda.

Every now and then a freshly opened bag of potato chips tempts me, and for a long time I held off. That was until I encountered healthier baked and home made chips. 

Haha. I sound like an annoying health freak. alalala, 

Whatever else I have to say. 

I’m excited


Day 307 of figuring things out

Date today

July 17.

Highlight(s) of the day

I was just immensely motivated to be artsy today. I practiced my gesture sketching for an hour or so and then worked on designs for some people I said I’d design clothes for.

Shawshank Redemption must have this subliminal message about being innovative/creative.

Lesson of the day

It’s important to marry people who like your family and vice versa.

I’m reading Sense and Sensibility. So there.

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Polyvore

Quick mood board maker comes in useful when you have a client who gives you the vaguest description of what she wants.

2. Starbucks

There was no power at home for some reason, and the only place I could guiltlessly stay in for hours on end AND charge my gadgets was Starbucks. Apparently half the neighborhood had the same idea.

3. Waterproof shoes It’s the rainy season.

Whatever else I have to say

Vigan tomorrow!!!


Day 306 of figuring things out

Date today

July 16. Happy birthday to a childhood friend, a friend from high school, and a cousin. (See, this is why I don’t buy gifts in July. I’d end up broke)

59 days to go.

Highlight(s) of the day

  1. Crossed several items off of my movies-to-watch list
  2. Finished a coat and most of the details of a skirt.
  3. Got to sleep. 
  4. The typhoon didn’t create as much of a negative effect as people thought it would, and it blew over pretty quickly.

Lesson of the day

When you start noticeably improving in one aspect of something, it’s time to start focusing on another aspect of that same something.

Get good at something to the point where you can afford to start focusing on getting better at other things too.

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Sleeping

I sleep when I find difficulty dealing with something. Some people eat, other people (like my aunt) clean, but I sleep.

I will not lie, this morning was straight up horrifying. The windows were rattling with the strength of the wind and the building was swaying. I kid you not, it was swaying.

I got scared so I puttered into bed again and slept through it. I woke up to semi-sunny skies.  

2. Finishing stuff

It’s actually really awesome to be able to see you’ve accomplished something. As in, you’re not stuck in the middle of the process, and you can actually look back and say, yeah, I did that.

3. Google docs

I’m helping certain people run their business so it’s a lot of keeping tabs on their progress and their task list and their schedules. It’s easy to do that now because I can share the spreadsheets I’ve created with them and they can see what they have to do as well.

Whatever else I have to say

I need to be stricter with myself when it comes to a lot of things. I feel as if I loll about too often. 


Day 305 of figuring things out

Date today

July 15, 2014.

60 days to go. 

Highlight(s) of the day

No one particular highlight. It’s just been a relaxing yet productive day. I watched Reservoir Dogs and Pan’s Labyrinth and now I understand why people say they’re good movies. 

Also, I can understand more Spanish than I thought I could. 

Lesson of the day

The collective effect of everyone’s actions will impact generations to come. We have to learn to work together to make sure the impact is a positive one, and not a negative one. 

The world is not just ours for today. 

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Shelter

The typhoon hasn’t hit yet, but it’s already reportedly wreaking havoc elsewhere in the country. 

I’m safe at home. I wonder about all the people who are homeless who really have no form of shelter. I pray that they are all safe. I pray that nothing happens to them. 

2. My country is learning

I remember the days in college, being drenched up to my underwear in rain, despite my umbrella and raincoat. Yeah, it would rain that hard, and with the wind, umbrellas were just about as useful as a cocktail  garnish. 

And yet, despite that, the chancellor would hold off on cancelling classes until most roads became rivers and the university became practically inaccessible. Stupid, I know. Dangerous, yeah, that I know too.

In the past few years the typhoons have been getting worse and the number of deaths and damage, well, let’s not go there.

Thankfully, with every major typhoon, the Philippines has learned. The government started evacuating people and preparing relief packages early, and now, they even call class and work off when things are forecasted. 

We’re learning. If we can learn and respond to typhoons, I’m sure much more will be changing soon.

3. Being in my generation

I think the older generations will always have reasons to write negatively about the younger generations, particularly generation x and generation y.

But, I think my generation stands the chance to be pivotal. I see people my age changing things around me everyday. I’m challenged to do the same.

Whatever else I have to say

Stay safe and dry, guys. I wish you all safety and comfort, wherever you are. 


Day 304 of figuring things out

Date today

July 14.

61 days left. It’s my last week as a 22 year-old.

Highlight(s) of the day

I spent most of it at the office, but had pretty good conversations there. Indian food was had for dinner.

Lesson of the day

Try different things before settling for the one thing that you really like. 

(This may not apply very well to the romantic facet of life, though.)

Three things I’m thankful for

1. The weather is still lovely

I say “still” because we’re expecting a rather large storm to be upon us this week. Rather large storms here have always resulted in damage and deaths, so I’m not looking forward to the news reports soon. But who knows, maybe this time we, as a country, are more prepared and such reports won’t happen. 

Either way, today was pleasantly cool and not a drop of rain fell from the sky. 

2. Early evenings

I went out with The Boyfriend. Usually, because of work schedules, we see each other fairly late into the evening, but today was different because he and I got off work early.

It was nice to be able to spend quality time with each other without compromising sleep.

3. Back up plans

The incoming storm has the potential to ruin our plans for Vigan. Although we both look forward to it and hope that we’ll still be able to go, we’ve come up with a back up plan that is just about as exciting as our out of town trip.

Whatever else I have to say

I’m becoming busy with things that make me use my brain, at the same time I’m able to do things I’d like to think I’m naturally gifted in. That’s the perfect balance right there. 


Day 303 of figuring things out

Date today

July 13. Happy Birthday to my eldest sister!

62 days left.

Highlight(s) of the day

  1. I got up to watch Germany win the World Cup. Really close game that was!
  2. Had lunch with the family to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Lesson of the day

You change without noticing it. You age without realising it. 

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Having a nephew my age

I have huge age gaps between myself and my siblings (20,16,11 years), and so growing up usually felt like I was surrounded by aunts and uncles, not sisters and brothers.

My cousins were also at least four years older. My nephew was the closest I could get to having someone my age, although somehow our relationship in connection to our family tree affected our dynamics.

We get to talk quite a lot though, and that’s nice. 

2. Doodling is becoming a habit

I always thought it would be cool to be someone who could whip out a blank page notebook and doodle whatever’s in front of me. 

I used to think that you had to be particularly good to be able to do it. 

Now I realised that (1) you can do this as long as you have a blank notebook and a pen and (2) you don’t have to be particularly good at it. 

3. Learning how to manage time

I have to admit, I often prefer lounging. Or wasting time on some website or other. I’m learning how to do productive things while not having to give up my lolling in bed or perusing the internet completely. 

Whatever else I have to say

I’m feeling better about life. I hope this lasts until I start doing something with it.