Date today

April 20. Happy Easter!

Highlight(s) of the day

  1. The siblings and their spouses and the respective offspring between them came today to celebrate Easter. 
  2. Mother cooked stroganoff like sauce and flaccid bacon. I don’t usually like bacon but if I have to eat bacon, I like it flaccid.
  3. I fell asleep for a long time. I’ve been having tummy problems since last night. It might have been the super spicy chicken wings from yesterday. Sad face. 

Lesson of the day

We all have more time than we think we do, to do what we really want. 

Three things I’m thankful for

1. A clean and organised desk

It’s been awhile since my desk has been clean enough to work on. It got super cluttered when I had to start sewing things and I only got around to moving all the thread and my sewing machine back into their perspective corners and pouches. 

I feel more motivated to be productive. This is good. 

2. Reddit

The online art thing my friend and I want to do will follow themes, almost, for an entire month. This month I’ve chosen typography, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much information and articles on the topic I found on Reddit. 

3. Motivation

I am really excited for life and it’s been awhile. This sudden motivation to do things and focus on things is a huge  blessing. 

Prayer works, apparently, because recently I nonchalantly asked for motivation to do things that’ll make me feel less like I’m in the middle of the sea without direction, and more like I finally found where I was on the map and am finally moving in the right direction with favourable wind. 

Whatever else I have to say

I have to stop slouching. 


Enjoy Loving Quotes

Date today

April 19. You know, I’m pretty sure I got the date wrong at some point, but I’m lazy to go through all the posts to check. 

Highlight(s) of the day

  1. Working date with the boyfriend. We promptly ignored each other while we got bidnis done. (You see that? I’m trying to slangify my blogz! Okay, no. That’s the last of it.)
  2. Before we promptly ignored each other we spent time talking on a balcony. 
  3. Three kinds of buffalo wings for lunch. Need I explain this?
  4. I got a message from a follower! It really made my day. (If you’re reading this, hiiiii!)
  5. I edited and posted photos from a shoot I did with The Brother. It’s been getting a lot of attention and I am floored. 

Lesson of the day

You have to do something consistently before you start getting noticeable results. In the case of social media (i.e. blogs and YouTube channels), attention.

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Time

It’s the most expensive currency we have and one no one can take back once we’ve traded it in for something. If you give me time, it matters a lot. And if I give you time, you should know you matter a lot to me, too.

2. Unexpected results

This little blog I have here is not tumblr famous at all and so 39 notes on any one post in any amount of time is enough to make me hyperventilate in one corner.

I knew I loved the photos from the androgynous shoot, but wow. I was not expecting others to like them too.

3. Walking

Somewhere I read that walking is as close to a perfect exercise as you can get. (I don’t know why, please don’t ask me. For further questions, consult Google.)

We did a lot of walking today and now I feel an ounce more productive. 


Whatever else I have to say

I see that I am gaining new followers (I am so surprised and super thankful) and I will assume it is because of the photos from the shoot. 

Welcome to my outlet for all the goings on in my head, guys! I hope you find reason to stay. 

Date today

April 18. Good Friday. Makati is practically empty. Can you hear the crickets siiiinngggiiiing? (Read that in the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman)

Highlight(s) of the day

  1. I woke up past lunch. What is bum day?
  2. Had an androgynous shoot with my brother and someone from work. 
  3. I got to take photos myself! And that is always worth celebrating.
  4. I went to a Holy Week barbecue with these people. Look oh, we’re friendly. 
  5. Finally found someone to work with me on the projects I have in my head.

Lesson of the day

You can’t really assume you know everything about a person. There will always be something left in them to surprise you.

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Getting closer to knowing what I want to do

I’m not floating around so much as I used to, and I think that’s a really good thing. Now I know I want to invest my time in videos, writing, and painting. At least I have that down. Now I can focus on honing these.

Thank you, Lord.

2. People willing to do things for free

People like these are few and very far between. But wow people who are willing to invest in the same things as you are absolutely wonderful. They’re there, if you look hard enough.

3. An increasing level of shamelessness

There were many things I missed out on while I was growing up because I was shy. I’d even be shy for really trivial things like asking for extra packets of ketchup at McDonald’s. 

Now that I’m older, not only can I ask for extra packets of ketchup, but I can also ask for extra napkins. 

Sometimes I ask for less ice in my drink. 

Whatever else I have to say

I haven’t been this excited about my life in a long time. 

Again, thank you, Lord. 

camdencame: I love seeing your posts on my dashboard. They just remind me to be grateful for the little, unusual quirks that make each day special and unique. It really has caused me to open my eyes and appreciate different aspects of my life. So thank you for that.

Oh wow, hi. This made my day.

Thank you for letting me know because this is such a pleasant surprise. 

I hope your life is really wonderful right now and that you’re enjoying it thoroughly. :) 

Date today

April 17. 

Highlight(s) of the day

  1. Had a day long date with The Boyfriend. Jamba Juice.
  2. Jamba Juice has Razzmatazz. Quite certain I’ve brought this up before but this Razzmatazz drink tastes like Flintstones Vitamins. Childhood in a cup!
  3. The Boyfriend met Paige. I’ve mentioned her a long time ago. Two people I really love meeting each other. Wonderful. 

Lesson of the day

Things happen in God’s perfect timing. There’s no forcing it. 

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Long dresses

I walked around in a long cotton dress today. It felt like walking around in pyjamas. I feel like I’m constantly getting away with dressing in pyjamas all the time without looking like it. 

2. Good friends

Although…strange thing is, most of my friends are self-proclaimed misanthropes. 

But I love my friends. It’s rare my friends don’t get along with my other friends. Too well, sometimes. Haha.

3. Swagat

Okay, I love Indian food. Well, food in general, but seriously Indian food.

The thing is, this particular cuisine can get quite expensive. Enter, Swagat

This place has wonderful authentic Indian food and at a pocket friendly price. One of my new favourites for sure.

Whatever else I have to say

This day will be memorable, I think. 

Date today

April 16. Hm. Random factoid: my favourite number is 16. Today is already easily liked. 

Highlight(s) of the day

  1. Stayed in bed until noon and yet had somewhat of a productive day anyway.
  2. Some person I know from some place made a cover of Adele’s Black & Gold. Check it out on Soundcloud here

Lesson of the day

The people who really love you don’t just up and go because of the choices you make in life. They stay, especially when they know you’ll need them to be there when everything falls apart. 

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Free time

I’ve been busy trying to balance work and my social life and suddenly, I have free time to do things. I think I’ve sufficiently caught up on sleep, so now I can really get into doing things I need to do for myself.

2. Time to think

I live in the business district of Metro Manila. It’s the start of Holy Week and almost everyone in this place has disappeared and suddenly, the usual noise and hubbub characteristic of this charming area has gone as well.

I can hear myself think. 


Can you hear that? My brain is farting.

3. Best friends

They talk sense into you but let you do your own thing every now and then. They have every right to call you stupid, but they don’t. At least not in a way that makes you think they mean it. 

Whatever else I have to say

I’m at this point in life where I’m trying to sift through how much of what i’ve been fed in life is true and how much was said just to protect me. 

I’m beginning to understand that adults always usually act with the best intentions, but sometimes that means revealing things through a shroud of apocryphally.

"One. Do not promise when you’re happy.
Two. When you are angry, do not respond.
Three. Do not decide when you’re sad."

— Wisdom (via endoshima)

(Source: soulist-aurora, via sunshines0ul)

Date today

April 15. 

Highlight of the day

I got to watch Captain America! Look at that! A current movie has been seen!

Lesson of the day 

Decisions should be the product of our own thought processing, not the product of mindlessly following the bidding of others. 

Three things I’m thankful for

1. Dresses

They’re my go to thing when I’m rushing in the morning and don’t want to have to think about clothing combinations. They’re the most thoughtless way to look good, actually. 

I’m sorry to the males reading this, that there are yet to be widely accepted man dresses, but with the way fashion is churning out things (like these horrid man leggings, a.k.a. meggings), you can never tell. Maybe this time next year, the most popular male celebrities will be sporting the latest in flared skirts and cinched waists. Probably not.

Awkward moment.

Back to why I’m thankful for dresses….

Other than they’re pretty brainless to put on, they also help a lot now because people are still confused about whether i’m a girl or a guy. Come on people. I’m a girl. No man dresses yet, remember?

2. Hard candy

I have sensitive teeth so I can’t brush my teeth more than 3 times a day. Since talking to people in small rooms is literally my job, I can’t have breath that smells like my garlic covered lunch or snack. 

Hard candy does the job of masking it. 

…This is gross. But, hey, if this helps anyone who has a similar job description…

3. Choices of drinks

Not knowing what drink to get is a first world problem, I realise. Not only does that mean you have potable water, it means you’re in an environment that has access to clean facilities and ingredients that people in other places don’t even know exist. 

Whatever else I have to say

Captain America was a long movie, I must admit. But unlike Her, i was at the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching. 

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